Sundent Pharma Corp (“the Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the Group”) is a marketing, promotion and channel management service provider dedicated to pharmaceutical products and medical devices in China.  Since in 2014, the Group has determined to apply global vision to local management, and has introduced a series of pharmaceutical products embedded with technologies that represent international advanced level to China, South America, Eastern European and south Asia countries.  As of Dec 2015, the company had portfolio of pharmaceutical products, covering pain management, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastroenterology, immunology and other therapeutic areas, and medical devices covering medical disposables, wound care, personal care products in pharmacies, and pharmaceutical industrial channel including own facility for pharmaceutical products package materials including tin box, PVC, aluminum foil.  At the same time, the Group endeavors to uplift the market value of these brands.

With a global horizon and well-deserved creditability in international market development, the Group has established long-term and stable cooperation with a number of renowned chinese pharmaceutical manufacturer leaders, independent product quality analysis and develop centers, Chinese SFDA etc., The network lays the foundation of the sustainable development of the company through the comprehensive and effective products introduction and cooperation.

Looking into the future, the Group is committed to build itself into a cutting-edge pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing group company that grasps the sales channel and product pricing advantage in mainland China. We believe that, with rapid development of China's pharmaceutical industry, through an open-minded attitude, perspective new product introduction capability, accurate product marketing strategy, comprehensive marketing network and effective management system, Sundent Pharmaceutical Corp is able to achieve our development target.